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La Corte, Bundy, Varady and Kinsella understand that any legal dispute can be mentally, emotionally and financially draining. We work hard to relieve you of as much of that burden as possible by clearly explaining your options. We’ll pursue the best possible settlement, and we’re prepared to go to trial and fight for you in court.  You’ll find a list of our firm’s practice areas on the right side of the page.  Below is a small sample of results we’ve achieved for our clients:

$1.5 million         Workplace Accident
$1.2 million         Clergy Abuse
$1.2 million         Civil Rights, Police Misconduct
$600,000            Civil Rights, Police Misconduct
$600,000            Negligent Parental Supervision, Paintball Gun
$550,000            Negligent Service of Alcohol By Bar
$300,000            Motorcycle Accident
$300,000            Medical Malpractice, Failure to Diagnose
$250,000            Nursing Home Negligence
$230,000            Wrongful Termination, Employment Discrimination

Total Disability         Workers Compensation

Civil Rights

Civil rights are fundamental rights.  Every individual has the right to equal treatment in education, employment, housing, healthcare and other settings.  Unfair treatment or discrimination based on race, ethnicity, gender, marital status, religion, sexual orientation or disability isn’t just against the law.  It can be demeaning and degrading.

If you feel that you’re civil rights may have been violated, it’s important to speak with a civil rights attorney.  It isn’t always clear what laws apply to your situation and who is responsible for the discrimination or harm you’ve suffered.  However, most civil rights laws originate at the federal level and safeguards are in place.  We can make sure your civil rights are protected.

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Personal Injury

Accidents and injuries are often inevitable, but in many cases, these mishaps could have been avoided.  Personal injury cases arise when someone suffers physical, mental or emotional harm and someone else may be at fault.  The most common personal injury claims involve auto accidents, slips and falls, and product defects.

The law firm of La Corte, Bundy, Varady and Kinsella can do more than pursue financial compensation for pain and suffering and lost wages.  We’ll work with doctors and insurance companies to make sure you receive appropriate medical care.  Yes, accidents will happen, but the long-term consequences can be painful and life-changing.  If you’ve been harmed because of another person’s negligence or carelessness, let us help you make sure those responsible are held accountable so you can focus on your recovery.

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Employment Law

Do you feel that you’ve been the victim of discrimination at work or unfairly terminated?  Laws exist to protect you against unfair treatment based on race, sex, age, religion and disability.  Unfortunately, discrimination still happens in the workplace, but that doesn’t mean you should stand for it.  It’s not just wrong.  It’s against the law.  Let the law firm of La Corte, Bundy, Varady and Kinsella protect your rights.

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Insurance Defense

La Corte, Bundy, Varady and Kinsella have acted as counsel for national insured and self insured corporations in matters ranging across a broad spectrum of tort liability. We represent you and your clients in the most cost-effective, timely manner possible.  We have achieved unparalleled success in developing strategic approaches to defending actions arising from all types of categories, including auto, premises, construction, dram shop/liquor liability, security/loss prevention, sports and recreation, governmental entities.

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Medical Malpractice

Doctors, physicians and other medical professionals are human.  They can make mistakes.  Medical malpractice occurs when injury, harm or even death is the result of a negligent act or omission by a medical professional when the patient’s care deviates from accepted standards of practice.

Errors in diagnosis, treatment or illness management could be the fault of a doctor, hospital staff, or the local, state or federal agency that may operate the facility, making malpractice claims very complex.  If you or a loved one may have been the victim of medical malpractice, schedule a consultation so we can review the facts, examine your records and determine whether or not you have a case.

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Real Estate

A real estate transaction usually involves the largest investment a person will make in his or her lifetime, whether it involves a family home or commercial property.  This is a happy and exciting time that can turn sour quickly if you don’t have an attorney who is committed to protecting your best interests.

Real estate laws are complex and can vary from municipality to municipality.  The paperwork is endless.  The process is stressful.  The stakes are high.  If you’re closing on a home or you need a lease prepared or reviewed, we can make the transaction as smooth as possible and protect your investment.

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Workmen’s Compensation

If you’re injured on the job and unable to work, how will you receive income?  If you’re never able to return to work and you need medical treatment years after your injury, how will you pay for it?

Workmen’s compensation is a no-fault system of compensation for employees who are injured at work.  The employee receives payment for lost wages and reimbursement for medical and rehabilitation expenses, while giving up the right to sue his or her employer directly for negligence or other damages.

If you’re injured at work, seek medical attention and report the injury to your employer.  Then schedule a consultation with La Corte, Bundy, Varady and Kinsella to make sure your rights and well-being are being protected.

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Wills & Trusts

A will ensures exactly how your estate will be handled after you’re gone.  It can relieve loved ones of a great deal of stress and help them avoid heavy tax burdens.  Without a will, decisions about your estate can be made by people who you may not know or trust.  As difficult as it may be to discuss your own passing, you’re likely to find peace of mind by getting your affairs in order.

In a trust, your property is managed by a person or organization (the trustee) for the benefit of another (the beneficiary).  People often create a trust to avoid probate (the process by which legal title to property is transferred from the estate of a person who has died), manage tax implications, contribute to a charity, or provide for children or persons who don’t have the ability to manage money.  Let’s discuss the options and benefits.

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Estate Litigation & Administration

It’s always difficult when a loved one passes away.  It becomes more difficult when disagreements arise about the estate.  If the executor isn’t following the terms of a will, we can make sure you receive what you’re entitled to and your loved one’s wishes are respected.  If you feel the will may have been the product of duress, we may need to examine a power of attorney to make sure nobody took advantage of an ill person.  We might even fight to have that will nullified.  Let La Corte, Bundy, Varady and Kinsella remove any unnecessary legal stress related to a loved one’s passing.

If you’re appointed as an executor or administrator, you may become personally liable to the beneficiaries if you fail to follow all legal formalities and complete the necessary paperwork.  This is why it’s crucial to get sound legal advice about your responsibilities, from filing tax returns to distributing assets.  La Corte, Bundy, Varady and Kinsella can guide you through this process and help you fulfill your duties as executor or administrator.

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Corporate Formation & Dissolution

Forming a business is both exciting and stressful.  Choosing the correct type of business entity (sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company or corporation) is essential, and proper record keeping is legal necessity.  We’ll provide you with sound advice now to save you time and aggravation later.

La Corte, Bundy, Varady and Kinsella represent corporations in contract and employment disputes and shareholder suits.  When shareholders wish to leave a corporation or partners seek dissolution, we can protect you from future liability and make sure each party’s rights and obligations are clearly defined.  If an amicable resolution can’t be reached, we’ll fight for your rights in court.

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  Practice Areas
Our Practice areas are:
Civil Rights
Personal Injury
Employment Law
Insurance Defense
Medical Malpractice
Real Estate
Workmen’s Compensation
Wills & Trusts
Estate Litigation
Corporate Formation
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